Description of the CropScore large-scale phenotyping system, its hardware, software and project workflow.

Measuring Thousands of Plants

To enable plant monitoring at any time point of every plant at the same time, we equip growth chambers and green houses with cameras that monitor the complete test area. Every plant grows within at least one camera's field of view.

The sensors can easily be integrated in fluorescent lights or even inside an incubator. Every camera and sensor is connected to the CropScore Connectivity Pod that is part of the plant phenotyping system. It analyzes the plant pictures that come in from the cameras and shows phenotyping results.

CropScore Connectivity Pod

CropScore operates as an integrated system with a customized Connectivity Pod for controlling imaging, image analysis, and storing images/data, and a Web interface for easy image/data retrieval. Our secure Computomics-hosted system provides camera pod control, database, Web interface functions, image storage and image analysis.

The CropScore Connectivity Pod is able to switch electrical appliances on and off, including ventilation, lighting or any other device connected to power outlet based on a time series or whenever images are taken.

CropScore supports data acquisition from other imaging hardware, enabling you to bring together datasets from multiple locations, technologies and setups. Custom image analysis modules can be added in by your own computer vision experts or contracted from Computomics.

The CropScore Connectivity Pod is the gateway between the Camera Pods and the CropScore Web Interface.

The operating system on the Connectivity Pod comes with Long-term Updates, which are available up to 5 years after the date of purchase, and can be upgraded to a new version for more than 12 years. 

CropScore Camera Pods

Camera sensors are available as waterproof versions, with different lenses, and your choice of RGB sensors or near-infrared light sensitivity.

  • CropScore Camera Pod Interface Access through a Connectivity Pod
  • 8 Megapixel CCD Camera Manufactured by Sony
  • Power Supply Requirements: Power over Ethernet PoE Switch Port at 48 V and 12 W
  • Case is Waterproof at IP67: Dust Tight and Protected against Immersion