Custom Image Analysis and Data Integration

We provide custom image analysis solutions. We even integrate any existing datasets you have.

Archive all acquired images or a selection of images in long-term storage to allow comparisons of studies year-over-year. Keeping images of previous studies allows you to extract new parameters years later, when you find interesting characteristics in new experiments and want to compare them to previous studies. The long-term data storage of CropScore is scaled according to your needs, from terabytes to petabytes.

You can automatically record all your plants at any time point. The frequency of time intervals between single image acquisitions is variable between once a week and once a minute, whatever makes the most sense in your experiment.

CropScore lets you generate time series of any duration. By choosing the time resolution, a time series can be adapted to your experiment or the growth rate. This way, the system can be set to the optimum between required sensitivity to detect changes and the amount of data acquired. 

Subdivide the test area in different experiments by putting cameras into different groups. This allows you to compare groups of plants, find differences in growth rate, leaf count, leaf area or other parameters between the groups. 

The results for every experiment can be plotted and compared.  

  • Statistical changes in biotic or abiotic stress resistance
  • Correlations of genotype with plant phenotype
  • Quantifiable effects of different fertilizer combinations, formulas or application patterns
  • Stable breeding lines